Competition: Design a T-Shirt for Seachd (Closing date 29th June)

To celebrate reaching 5,000 friends on MySpace (wow!) I thought I'd launch a wee competition.

Now, there's been a rumour going around that we're going to launch a rather big competition that might take the winners to the Isle of Skye from wherever they might be in the World.  That rumour may very well be true (watch this space!), but our wee competition is for something a little different...

We need a t-shirt and on the t-shirt we need a slogan in English and Gaelic.  This is the first ever Scottish Gaelic feature film to get into the cinemas and we hope it will make a difference for the survival of Scotland's first language so we'd like a clever t-shirt slogan that represents both the film and the language.

You don't need to be a professional designer whatsoever to enter (although if you're so inclined you might like to use our logos or other artwork available from within our press kit) - HOWEVER, what we're really looking for is a clever slogan in Gaelic and English (you can supply either) that represents our film and the Scottish Gaelic culture from which it comes.  A message to the world that Gaelic matters, that Gaelic film matters, and that they ought to take notice.

The prize is...well...a t-shirt...with your design up it...and the design professionally finished and available to all via our sites.  The closing date is 29th June and the competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world although you need to be a friend of Seachd on MySpace to be eligible.  Your submissions need to be in digital form (any format) and sent to:  We'll post up the three best designs on 30th June (my birthday!) and let everyone vote for the one they like the best for the following week, after which we'll have the winner.

Sealbh math dhuit! (Good luck!)

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