Seachd community-matic! New and improved

I hope you like our new MySpace profile page (all suggestions for improvements are most welcome).

In the meantime, just a quick note about the original Seachd community and its combination with MySpace...

Well, we'll be turning off the Seachd community provided by Ning by the end of this coming week simply because MySpace offers so much more potential to spread the word about Seachd.  I've transferred all of the existing discussions within the forum to our new forum home at MySpace here:

That URL's a bit difficult to remember (!), so probably the best way to access it is through our normal MySpace page at or through our MySpace group (just being born so bear with us while we tidy it up!) at

We'd love you to take part in our forum and help make it look as though Seachd isn't simply having a conversation with itself (you'll see what I mean when you click on the links).

If you're a previous community member, please join us on MySpace - signing up is free and rather easy and you'll be plugged into a community of well of 4,000 friends of the film!