CORNWALL FILM - Celtic to the core and world class to boot

Some kind words on Seachd from Shaune Osborne Dowle at

The highlight of the event, for me was the ‘World Premiere’ screening of a beautiful Gaelic language feature length film; ‘SEACHD’. Followed by an interview with the Producer and cast. Hooray! Celtic to the core, and world class to boot:

It cleverly reflects the conflicts, faced by the young people of rural communities. The lead character introduced to us as a young island boy, eventually leaves Skye for the city, the job and the company car. Returning only when his grandfather is very ill. He then re-discovers the magic bestowed upon him by his grandfather in the memory of the Gaelic stories told to him in his childhood.

It was a perfect case of ‘You can take the boy out of Skye, but you can’t take the Skye out of the boy!’ I was totally uplifted by this one particular experience, and to be watching the stunning landscape of Skye on film while sitting on the island itself was pure magic for me. It was an experience I shall never forget! If this one doesn’t get an Oscar, then I know for sure the film industry is irreparably corrupt!