BAFTA, the Oscars and Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle

Moran moran taing!  Many many thanks for the overwhelming support we have received after BAFTA strangely neglected to put any non-English language British films for the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Oscars.

We have been inundated with messages of support from around the world and the debate has even made it in to the Scottish Parliament.  We do not know whether it is still possible for BAFTA's decision to be overturned, but regardless we sincerely hope that BAFTA will change their system such that every British film has a chance to enter the Oscars whatever the language spoken within it.

A quick summary of some of press articles from around the world:

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Variety, 04-0ct-07

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Scotland on Sunday, 07-Oct-07

"Oscar controversies in Britain and China"

The Envelope

"Gaels force the issue"

Sunday Herald, 07-Oct-07

"MSPs query lack of Oscar nomination"

The Press Association, 05-Oct-07

"Film Producer quits BAFTA in Oscar row"

Netribution, 04-Oct-07

"Row as Gaelic film is overlooked for Oscar"

The Herald, 03-Oct-07

"Producer quits BAFTA over Gaelic film snub"

Scotland on Sunday, 30-Sep-07

"And the Oscar will not go to..."

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