Seachd reviews - a little round-up!

"dramatic, funny and spectacular...and steeped in Gaelic mythology"

Miles Fielder, The List

"worth shouting about"

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman

"tender, graceful"

Allison Rowat, The Herald


Adrian Hennigan, BBC

"glows with warmth and humanity"

Jonathan Coe, The Observer,,2156344,00.html

"a magic, mystical tale of landscape, myth and storytelling"

The Telegaph

"a little piece of film-making history"

Kirsty Scott, The Guardian,,2177934,00.html

"a superb film filled with tons of passion and pride"

Richard Bunton, Filmstalker

"an astonishing production"

Andrew Robertson, Eye For Film

"visually compelling"

J S Hatcher, Cinema Minima