THE HERALD: Review - "tender, graceful"

16th August 2007

ENJOYING its world premiere in Edinburgh tonight, Simon Miller's feature is a gorgeously-realised blend of magic realism and family drama set on Skye.

In Gaelic with subtitles, it's the story of Angus, whose parents lose their lives trying to climb the Inaccessible Pinnacle. Sent to live with his grandparents, the grieving boy (a fine performance from young Padruig Morrison) sets his heart against the world. Although his grandfather tries to comfort him with strange tales of island life from long ago, the youngster is initially having none of it.

Miller's tender, graceful film is a slow-burning charmer which bit-by-bit breaks down the viewer's scepticism. Even if, like Angus, you have trouble swallowing the old man's tales and the whole experience seems at times overlong, just take a look at those landscapes.

By Allison Rowat