EVENING STANDARD - Edinburgh Festival Highlights

24th July 2007


Hallam Foe, 15 Aug Another tale of sexual obsession from Asylum director David Mackenzie, this time starring Jamie Bell as Hallam, a charming yet chilling teen. He starts spying on a woman (Sophia Myles) who resembles his dead mother; she has secrets of her own. Bell is apparently excellent.

Seachd - The Inaccessible Pinnacle, 16, 19 Aug Made for £700,000 and shot on the Isle of Skye, Seachd (Seven) is the first Gaelic-language production to secure mainstream distribution and is already being talked up as a potential foreign-language Oscar nominee.

Extraordinary Rendition, 21, 23 Aug Being known as the "ex-husband of Kate Winslet" can't be easy, and Jim Threapleton obviously wants to redefine himself via this topical thriller. The central character is snatched from his London home, detained without explanation, then transported again and tortured. Andy Serkis plays one of the interrogators.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK, 19, 22 Aug A demented, asylum-set romantic comedy from Chanwook Park, best known for blood-spattered Cannes winner Old Boy. Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of the South Korean's work; Cyborg may ease the blow for audiences who can't get into Death Proof, which also receives its UK premiere at Edinburgh.