Help spread the word on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5 and Piczo

With over 10,000 friends on MySpace we thought it was about time we created profiles on other social networks.  So, now you'll be able to find us on all of these networks:






We'd love for you to be our friend on any of the networks you might be on.

If you are a friend on any of these networks, there's a couple of things you can do to help us spread the word more widely...

1 | Let you friends know!

Tell your friends about us in your blog, or at the bottom of messages or by commenting on their pages.  The more people who might care about the film who hear about it, the better.  Also, if you receive a message or bulletin about the film, simply repost it to all of your friends.

2 | Placing links, widgets and images on your profile

You can put the Seachd slide player, music player, blog and soon video player on your profile page on most social networks.  You can get the code by clicking on "+ your site" under any of those elements at or at (and soon on most social networks).

We have providing the simple code to link to our official site on this page: and you can also find simple banner ads here: to which will soon be adding drop-down flash banner ads containing the trailer.

3 | Joining in and making recommendations

We really love it when people enter our competitions, give us feedback and make suggestions, because it continues the real community spirit with which our film was made.  Right now, we're asking people to vote for their favourite of the top designs from our t-shirt competition at  If you have any recommendations as to how we can improve our presence on any of the social networks please contact us and we'll add to the pot of ideas we're working on.

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