Help spread the word in blogs and forums

Do you have a blog?  Do you read blogs?  Do you have a friend with a blog? Do you take part in any online forums?  ...then you might be able to help us.


We'd be delighted if you were able to write about our film on your blog (on MySpace or anywhere else).  We don't mind at all if you want to duplicate any of any blog entries, but if you'd like us to write something special for you, or you'd like to send us any interview questions (for any of the cast or crew) then we'd be happy to oblige.  We've also made widgets for slide shows, banners and music players that you can grab for your own site if you'd like.  Also, if you don't have a blog yet, why not start one?  It's extremely easy on MySpace and you'd be surprised how many readers you can get very quickly!


If you read film or entertainment blogs or Scottish, Celtic or Gaelic blogs we'd love it if you mentioned the film to the blog writer.  The easiest way to do this is to write a comment under a relevant blog entry, but if you know the writer please let them know about our film and our offer of supplying material that their blog readers might enjoy!


If you take part in film or entertainment forums or Scottish, Celtic or Gaelic forums, it would be great if you could mention our little film.  Withouy anything vaguely approaching Hollywood marketing monies (read: no marketing monies) we really rely on word of mouth to help get the word out about our film.  Forums are a great place to do just that.

As ever, moran moran taing, for any help you can be in spreading the word about Seachd!