Seachd online is up and running!

It's been a little while in the making but we're final out of "beta" (as they say online) but our web presence is officially launched.  That doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels - there's a lot more still to do - but we've put together the main elements and our digital doors are open.

I thought it would be worth giving you a taster for some of the changes and additions we'll be making over the next few weeks, as well as pointing out some of the good things you may not have discovered yet.

1 | Trailer and clips

We'll be posting clips from the film and various trailers on and in the next few weeks (as well as on  You'll be able to grab the code to place on your own site and we'd love you to do so.

2 | Edit your own scene from Seachd online

We've created an easy-to-use online movie editor for you to read a scene from the film (in English and Gaelic) and to actually edit your own scene online.  If you're interested in film-making or just want to get an insight into how film editing works (or even think you can improve on the film itself) we think you'll love it!

3 | Community wrapped into MySpace

We have decided to wrap our original community at into our MySpace community at  This is partly due to the great response we have had to the film on MySpace and partly since the .  Don't worry - we'll provide a of summary existing forum entries to MySpace shortly and we'll create a slide show of production stills for MySpace as well - so nothing will be lost.  If you're not already a member, you'll need to join MySpace to be part of the MySpace community in future.  We look forward to seeing you there (along with our 2,700+ other friends!)

It might also be worth pointing out some of the existing parts of you might not have found or tried out yet.  Here are some of the highlights

1 | Design your own poster

We love the poster that Rory and Andy at have designed for the film, but perhaps you'd like to design your own.  You don't need any special training, it's very easy (and definitely fun).  All you need to do is to go to (wait a little while all the picture options load) and then you can create and print your own poster online by changing the background, choosing the images and logos you'd like and adding your own text.

2 | For kids (and also adults!)

Have you found the section yet?  There, you can go on a treasure hunt (with a prize that will almost certainly make you rich! rich! rich!), find out about the Gaelic history behind Seachd and dowload some pictures to colour in.

3 | Gaeldom and links

Are you interested in Gaelic culture?  If you are, we've provided a quick guide within the English language version of the site at and you'll also find a comprehensive list of links to all things Scottish and Gaelic at

4 | Gaelic and English versions

We've created the site in both Gaelic and English (where ever possible).  You'll find that new components are sometimes launched in English first (we're working on getting hold of Gaelic coders!) but they'll always be translated into Gaelic shortly afterwards.