CANNES 2007 - Producer, Christopher Young, in Cannes (Day 5)

21st May 2007

Well the deal is now formally signed with Soda Pictures - over a very pleasant and very British cup of tea at the Grand Hotel, Edward Fletcher and I signed the Deal Memo.  So for the next 8 years the film in the UK and Eire belongs to Soda.

Another full day of meetings, but none have diminished my fear of a low turnout of buyers tonight.  In most cases buyers ask me for a screener and once again the importance of a competitive Festival screening with all the frills becomes clear.

Lots of good feedback out of Scotland on Sunday piece may help.

Stand by for 2200 tonight.

All will become clear tomorrow.

Or not - from past experience we may well get no immediate response.

What's great is that we can nowget stuck in to working on UK release.  Our first priority is to find a suitable Gaelic speaker as intern for Soda to spearhead PR on the film.  And start on the UK campaign.

More tomorrow.

Christopher Young