CANNES 2007 - Producer, Christopher Young, in Cannes (Day 3)

19th May 2007

Well, we now have our UK and Irish cinema distribution in place.  This is momentous news, of course - which I'll talk a bit more about it in my next entry - but our task at Cannes is to get Seachd out to the rest of the World.

Interviews with Radio France and France 3 today.  I guess it's live.  Will be fun as I get to speak French which I always enjoy.

I am still worried that we will not get important buyers coming as the volume of other films (2000 plus) is terrifying and we have no advertising in trades or anywhere for that matter.  I am surrounded by a constant steam of adverts for other films.

This is why being part of a selection within a festival makes so much difference.  Even films in In Certain Regard are not necessarily full screenings and they too get huge coverage in the trades and courtesy of festival.  Roll on Rome!

Met with Andrew Pulver of The Guardian yesterday and he was very interested in film.  Meeting Dahlia Alberge from the The Times today.  One of my meetings yesterday I met a guy from US sales outfit who claimed to be passionately interested in 12 Century Scottish history.  We'll see if he comes!

That's the only way to get publicity if you have no money for advertising - meet the journalists directly and get them to talk about the film.

Christopher Young