CANNES 2007 - Producer, Christopher Young, in Cannes (Day 2)

18th May 2007.

Major effort to get up this morning but I managed to hit the water around 8 and swam to wake up.  Then a hearty breakfast and the obligatory 20 min running walk to get to the first meeting of the day. 

Inevitably late but this mornings pain all justified by last nights Romanian film 4 months 3 weeks 2 days.

Incredibly simple shot in classical long takes all around 3 stunning performances with great supporting cast.  Directors 3rd feature.

Suspect shot on HD but looks great washed out colours perfectevocation of 1987 Romanian regime and personal tragedy within repressive state.  Totally compelling and incredibly powerful story around young girl having a late (almost 5 months) termination of pregnancy of course illegal with all attendant troubles.  Reminiscent of Dardenne brothers l'enfant in its relentless descent into the depth of tragedy.  Inspiring at every level.

Various meetings in day but managed 3 films as well as impressive Scottish Hallam Foe, mesmerising doc on Terror Judge Verges (clients include Pol Pot, Carlos, Djarmela, Klaus Barbie, and a new Russian masterpiece from the guy who did The Return.

A hectic series of calls with Scottish press re Rome festival invitation for Seachd so look out for Herald and Scotland on Sunday.

Still not enough people coming to Seachd screening Monday so I have to do a lot tomorrow on that.

Christopher Young