CANNES 2007 - Producer, Christopher Young, in Cannes (Day 1)

17th May 2007.

So one year on from shooting here I am in cannes to sell Seachd.

A good first day as I met Fabia Bettini from RomeFilmFest who invites us to compete in Alice nella Citta section of Festival in October.  We will be one of 14 films selected from around the world of particular interest to children.  Jury of children decide the winner.  This is a prestigious invitation and I enjoy accepting in Italian - Rome will cover cost of Producer Director and lead boy actor to attend.  They love Seachd.

Also checked in to Festival and secured ticket for new Romanian film in competition tonight.  There are so many screenings.  I am trying to be selective.  At least one film a day but probably will try to fit in 3 if I can

Trick is to go early and late as I have meetings scheduled morning and afternoon.

The bus ride from Nice and the long walk from my hotel to the Croisette are a clear reminder of my low budget status but the joy of cannes is that when the lights go down it really is about the films and not the money.

Swimming in the sea is also a good free option so my daily regime will also include at least one swim.  Todays was especially sweet in hot sunshine breathtaking scenery not too many other swimmers.  Much warmer than Skye.

I guess the real work begins tomorrow.

Christopher Young